Sardar Fahad Yaqoob

Resident Director's Intro to YK Group of Companies

I hope that you will take time to become familiar with our site and with the wealth of information we have to offer. Today, the role Y-K Group plays in the community is significantly different than when Y-K Group began 35 years ago. Our mission has extended far beyond that of Human Resource Capital, to encompass Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Transportation.

In the field of Human Resource Capital we’ve earned the respect of many prestigious firms across the broad spectrum of industries, we’re proud to say that we’re still serving most of the clients we started out within eightees. Our client base is our best testimonial to excellence.

Our construction practices produce quality, functional and reliable housing schemes. We do this by utilizing professional architects and bankers, good relationships with government entities, capable subcontractors, appropriate equipment, and conventional materials, thus delivering a finished product that goes well beyond the client’s expectations.

Our vision is guided by our core values and desires to provide a sustainable way of business that contributes to the growth and profitability of our customers, employees and stakeholders. Likewise, we value the same attributes in our customers, and you can rely on us to support your mission.

Positions held by Resident Director in Y-K Group of Companies:

  • Brothers Construction Y-K (Pvt) Ltd
  • Al Madina City, Housing Project
  • Al Makkah City, Housing Project
  • Saani Power (Pvt) Limited
  • Kashmir Polypropylene (Pvt) Ltd
  • Rex Hotel, Kashmir Hotel and Al Jabbal Hotel