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Saani Power (Pvt) Ltd

Saani Power (Pvt) Ltd is an independent power producer company which was issued LOI by Govt. of AJ&K for 40.32 MW Hydro Power Project in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The hydropower potential of Mahal River, a major right bank tributary of Jhelum River was preliminarily investigated in a WAPDA – GTZ Study, conducted in 1989. The project concept in this identification study proposed a layout comprising of a diversion dam near Hari Gehl with headrace tunnel including surge chamber and a cavern power house near the bank of Mahal River at Majeed-gala village.


The proposed weir site is located near Hari Gehl Bazar approximately 20 km downstream from Bagh (district headquarter). Travel time from Rawalpindi/Islamabad up to proposed power house Site is around two and half hours via Kotli Sattian-Dhalkot Road. Mahl river is a major left bank tributary on Jhelum River in its lower south East limb with its confluence about 35 Km downstream of Kohala.


The project site is accessible from Rawalpindi/Islamabad, which is central location for plant, construction material and essential supplies via Lehtrar road that passes through Kotli Sattian and crosses River Jhelum at Dhalkot Village in AJK. Since the power house location is in the lower reaches of river and close to confluence, this route is most suitable for supply chain management. This is an all-weather road and chances of interruptions are very remote.


o Design Capacity                          40.32 MW
o Mean Annual stream flow         19.64 m3/sec
o Design Discharge (Q)                 20 m3/s
o Gross Head                                  245 m
o Mean Annual Energy                 231.132 GWh
o Cost of Project                           108.16365 MUS$
o Cost of Energy Generated        8.1682 US Cents
o Installation cost/MW                2.683 MUS$


LOI ( Letter of Intent) Issued
FSR approved by PoE
Preliminary NOC by EPA Issued
Section 4 – Issued
Grid Interconnection Study – Approved by NTDCL
FSR Based Tariff Petition Submitted to CPPA


Engineer Muhammad Ashfaq
SAANI Power (Pvt) Ltd,
Brothers Plaza-1
Street No.5 Gulrez–II, High Court Road Rawalpindi
Phone No.051, 550837, 5509250 Fax 051-5595128